Gurian CPA Firm Featured in Journal of Accountancy

Peter Gurian, CPA in “How to deliver bad news to clients”

Sometimes an accountant can find savings and advantages that equate to good news for an organization or client. But, as any professional knows, there can also be times CPAs need to report negative news that clients may not want to hear.

Explaining bad news in the right way can, however, make you more valuable to both your client and your employer, said Bob Prather, general manager of the accounting and finance recruiting practice for Lucas Group in Houston.

“Being able to identify issues and deliver that bad news is one of the most critical parts of your role in being a steward of the company,” said Prather. “Come to terms with that early and embrace it, because it is an area where you can establish your value.”

What’s more, delaying these conversations could harm your standing with the client, said Peter Gurian, CPA, founder and principal of Gurian PLLC, a tax accountancy and business advisory firm in Dallas. It could “make clients lose trust in you and make them feel like there is something that you’re hiding from them,” he said.

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Gurian CPA Firm Featured in Solutions Magazine

Peter Gurian, CPA in “Exploring Uncharted Territory”

Dallas, Texas: Today, Gurian CPA Firm, a growing accounting firm specializing in tax, accounting, and advisory services, proudly announces the recent publication of an interview featuring Peter Gurian, CPA in Thomson Reuters’ Solutions Magazine. After implementing Thomson Reuters workflow management and accounting software last fall, the firm saw a marked increase in productivity and efficiency, as well as profitability. Thomson Reuters was highly interested in Gurian CPA Firm’s use of the technology, as most firms of similar size do not typically employ the use of such state-of-the-art software.

When asked how the software has improved the firm’s levels of efficiency and client service, Peter Gurian, CPA says, “Before we weren’t always able to create the reports [clients] needed. Now, once we’ve created custom reports in the system, we literally just have to push a button or two and it creates the financial statements in one fell swoop – and puts them up on their secure online portal.”

The article “Exploring Uncharted Territory” is available in both print and onlineSolutions Magazine offers articles featuring users of Thomson Reuters software and services.

About Gurian CPA Firm: Founded in 2003, Gurian CPA Firm is a Dallas CPA Firm that seeks to provide exceptional accounting and tax services to businesses and individuals. Gurian CPA firm was nominated in 2014 for Best Accounting Firm by Addison Magazine for the Reader’s Choice Awards. The firm offers a wide range of services- including financial tools, reference materials, and secure client portals – at

Gurian CPA Firm Featured in CPA Practice Advisor

Peter Gurian, CPA in “UltraTax Offers Command & Control”

When Peter Gurian thinks there’s got to be a better way to do things, he’s usually right. After spending several years with a Big Four firm and with a private company, the CPA decided he’d had enough of the bureaucratic headaches and started his own firm, Gurian PLLC, in the Dallas suburb of Addison, Texas.

Choosing a Tax System

“We were drowning. We needed systems that truly worked together, not just through import and export functions,” Gurian said. “When I looked at UltraTax CS, it had exceptional compliance and calculation capabilities, but most importantly for our workflow, it offered seamless integration with the other programs for our other client services and firm management.” UltraTax CS is part of Thomson Reuters’ CS Suite of professional accounting, tax and practice management systems.

“UltraTax has so many features in it that save us a lot of time throughout the work day,” he added. “UltraTax is fast to work across multiple clients, without having to stop working. With the other programs, so many processes would waste a few minutes every time we had to do it, such as simply moving from one client file to another, multiplied by 10 or 20 times a day. That really adds up.”

The article “UltraTax Offers Total Command & Control” is available to view online.

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Gurian CPA Firm Featured in Thomson Reuters

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