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Peter L. Gurian, CPA founder and principal, draws on a vast array of experiences in the financial and consulting services. A former Master of Accounting Fellow at Price Waterhouse, his expertise spans tax analysis, tax accounting, accounting systems and systems consulting. He has many years of experience in developing business models and implementing those models to become profitable and thriving businesses.

Prior to forming Gurian PLLC, he served as CEO of The Visionary Group which focused on re-engineering mid-size to large businesses while implementing financial systems.

His focus: carefully selected, dynamic people who are looking for a financial and business services partner to take their company to the next level of profitability.

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Ever wish your CPA could simply tell you how much it’s going to cost?  Our founder thought the same thing when he was the CEO of a small technology consulting firm.  So he started a new kind of CPA firm. A firm with transparent pricing, the latest technology, and most importantly the ability to provide a service to our clients that’s useful. Rather than focus on simply filling out tax returns properly, we help our clients to use the information we provide in a way that gives them the tools to make informed decisions and grow their businesses. For example, we provide a report to our restaurant clients that tracks the monthly fluctuations in deposits compared to sales. This report allows us to spot inconsistencies that would signify possible theft or errors in the POS systems.  We’ve incorporated these tools into our standard offerings.

Our clients agree, it’s ACCOUNTING REIMAGINED.

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