Calculating Your Restaurant’s Prime Cost

As a restaurant owner knowing your key performance indicators is huge and knowing your prime cost is one of the most valuable key performance indicators a restaurant owner can know. Knowing your prime cost is essential when you’re running a restaurant as it gives you more control to facilitate change and make more money. Most […]

4 Key Elements of Great Bookkeeping

Your bookkeeping system is the financial heart of your business. When set up and operating properly, your books help you make smart decisions and seamlessly turn your financial data into useful information. Gurian CPA has provided four key characteristics to build and maintain a healthy bookkeeping system for your business:   Select the proper accounting […]

Tax Preparation Mistakes Every Business Should Avoid

Tax season can be a nightmare for most business owners. One small mistake can cause you to pay additional taxes, interest, penalties and fees. It’s not surprise that many taxpayers make some mistakes every year. However, for business owners, these mistakes can lead to hefty penalties and delay refunds. To make your tax season less […]

Marketing Growth Strategies for Small Businesses

Any good marketer knows to keep an eye on the future to stay ahead of the curve on new trends, emerging marketing channels, and other fresh ideas to deliver brand messages. With 2016 in the rear-view mirror and 2017 flying down the pipeline, now is the time to start examining what the New Year is […]

Do beneficiaries of a trust pay taxes?

Beneficiaries of a trust typically pay taxes on distributions they receive from the trust’s income. However, they are not subject to taxes on distributions from the trust’s principal. When a trust makes a distribution, it deducts the income distributed on its own tax return and issues the beneficiary a tax form called a K-1. The […]

How Can American Expats Reduce their IRS Taxes?

Americans living abroad are still required to file US taxes. The US is the only country that requires its expats to file. It is because the US taxes based on citizenship rather than on residence. This leaves the millions of Americans who work abroad at risk of double taxation,  paying taxes in both the country […]

How the Sales Tax Holiday Can Boost Your Back-to-School Savings

  With several of my family members working in the education field, I know it will be only a matter of time before I’ll get tweets and Facebook shares on the back to school deals they find. Depending on where you live, your state may be offering a huge savings with a sales tax free […]

IRS Simplifies Surviving Spouse Portability Election

The Internal Revenue Service has released a revenue procedure that offers an easier way to get an extension of time to file a return to opt for portability of the deceased spousal unused exclusion amount. Revenue Procedure 2017-34 applies to estates that aren’t typically required to file an estate tax return because the value of […]


Business travel, an expensive and time-consuming activity for both the employer and employee, also can create tax problems for all concerned unless the rules are followed to the letter. If it’s done right, business travel will be fully deductible by the company (but only 50% of travel meals are deductible), tax-free to the employee, and […]

IRS Warns of New Phone Scam Involving Bogus Certified Letters

The Internal Revenue Service today warned people to beware of a new scam linked to the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS), where fraudsters call to demand an immediate tax payment through a prepaid debit card. This scam is being reported across the country, so taxpayers should be alert to the details. In the latest […]