Tax Implications for Married Couples with Student Loans

Student loans have become a necessary aspect of earning a college degree for millions of students and graduates. For the last several years, college costs have continued a steady climb, leading to a need to rely heavily on borrowing to cover expenses. Student loans can be easy to get, evidenced by the more than 44 […]

New Tax Withholding Estimator

The IRS just released the new Tax Withholding Estimator that is intended to replace the old Withholding Calculator. The new Tax Withholding Estimator includes user-friendly features that is tailored to help retirees quickly and easily calculate the correct amount of tax that should be taken from their pension payments and Social Security benefits. The new […]

Understanding The Student Loan Interest Tax Deduction

Taxes are an inevitable part of everyone’s financial life, and they are often one of the more confusing topics to understand. The tax code is complex, consisting of many rules and guidelines for what’s taxable, what’s not, and what can be used to help reduce tax liabilities each year. However, it is essential to recognize […]

How To Adjust Tax Withholding In Light of The New Tax Law

Last week Gurian CPA was mentioned in an article in HuffPost, “How To Update Your Tax Withholding And Avoid A Surprise Tax Bill Next Year”. The information provided will help you understand how to adjust your tax withholding in light of the new tax law. Now that you’ve received your first tax return after the […]

Tax Scams To Be On The Lookout For

Receiving contact from the IRS can be enough to make your heart drop but being contacted from someone claiming to be from the IRS and falling into a tax scam can sometimes be even worse. The sad thing is that tax scams can happen any time of the year and not just around the tax […]

6 Tax Refund Myths

As tax season comes to a close it’s important to understand and debunk the tax myths that are focused around tax refunds. There are many myths that are focused around your tax refund and it’s always best to consult with your local CPA to understand tax laws and better prepare yourself to avoid penalties and […]

Employer Credit For Paid Family And Medical Leave

A new Employer credit for Paid Family and Medical Leave, that has been enacted by the Tax Cuts and Job Act (TCJA) is imposed to help businesses reduce their taxes while employees are on paid leave from their job duties due to specified reasons. Employers are eligible to claim this credit based on the wages […]

How To Survive An Audit

Getting news from the IRS that you’ve been selected for an audit can be extremely worrisome and overwhelming, even if you believe that you haven’t done anything wrong. When getting a notice from the IRS regarding an audit it is most likely not for a return that you’ve just filed. Generally the IRS has three […]

Love and Taxes

About 10 percent of people in the United States that are currently married said it all began with a Valentine’s day proposal. The vast majority of taxes collected by the IRS each year comes from married couples. Love and taxes go hand in hand, so if you’re a newly married couple or are planning on […]

Tax Preparation Mistakes Every Business Should Avoid

Tax season can be a nightmare for most business owners. One small mistake can cause you to pay additional taxes, interest, penalties and fees. It’s not surprise that many taxpayers make some mistakes every year. However, for business owners, these mistakes can lead to hefty penalties and delay refunds. To make your tax season less […]