Carrie Kelleher from Coffee House Café has teamed up with Gurian CPA for their coffee house accounting, taxes and payroll services! Gurian CPA has tailored our accounting and tax services to fit the specific needs of Coffee House Café that gives them peace of mind and allows them to run their business, while we take care of their accounting and financial needs. Our partnership has allowed Coffee House Café to run smoothly and continue to grow over the years!

Coffee House Café is a local community breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner café located in Dallas, Texas. Their espresso bar features a post-roast espresso blend representing three coffee growing continents and is Certified Organic and FairTrade. Coffee House Café has a warm, casual environment, created to welcome you and your family to enjoy a relaxes meal or share a cup of exceptional coffee. They also have live music on the weekends for entertainment! Coffee House Café also has a Coffee Drive Thru that serves freshly made pastries and their fine coffee beverages for convenience to busy people on the go!

Coffee House Café was awarded Best New Restaurant and Best Suburban Restaurant by the Observer in 2012, as well as Best Breakfasts in 2016 and Best Neighborhood Restaurant in 2017 by D Magazine! They have also created Operation Roast that can be supported on Kickstarter. Operation Roast allows you to pre-order coffee for a year, learn the secrets of coffee roasting, be able to experience a regional blind tasting and help CoffeeCarrie bring global to your local café!