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Devadoss Law Firm, PLLC has three major locations in Dallas, Atlanta and Washington, DC. From their three major locations they represent all federal employees from all federal agencies throughout the United States. They are dedicated to defending federal government employees’ rights to a workplace free from wrongful, retaliatory and discriminatory actions. They will seek full compensation for those whose rights have been violated and for those who have been injured on the job and will seek positive outcomes for those who face disciplinary actions. Davadoss Law Firm represents and defends all federal employees, agencies, employee associations and unions no matter where their job is located, position and pay grade.

Devadoss Law Firm is focused on providing comprehensive legal representation in federal labor and employment law. They represent federal government employees in MSPB (Merit Systems Protections Board) cases of disciplinary action or removal. They seek justice for federal employees through EEOC claims for discrimination, harassment, retaliation or wrongful termination. Devadoss Law Firm assists injured government workers in OWCP (federal workers’ compensation claims and appeals to secure their rightful benefits. They will also handle federal labor law grievances and collective bargaining and provide mediation and arbitration of federal employment and labor matters at all levels.

Devadoss Law Firm has teamed up with Gurian CPA for their legal accounting and tax needs. Gurian CPA’s legal accounting and tax services has freed Devadoss Law Firm from tedious accounting and bookkeeping tasks that strain time and resources. By us handling their accounting responsibilities, we can provide their firm with reliable financial data and advice to help them make smart business decisions and keep their firm financially sounds, while providing growth strategies and concepts to increase their bottom line.


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