Client Showcase – Sip & Savor

Sip & Savor opened on July 5th, 2011 as a neighborhood restaurant and winery serving California wine country inspired food and wine. They operate out of an 1893 Victorian home in Northwest Plano, Texas. Sip & Savor is focused on delivering a special dining experience in a casual and unhurried environment.

The Sip & Savor menu was created by John and Teresa, that worked together to deliver California inspired offerings; fresh, local when possible, and the best quality available. Their seafood is always wild caught sustainable species from the US waters. Their meats are simply the top of the line and their menu descriptions details source growers, farms and ranches.

John and Teresa keep Sip & Savor relevant by visiting Napa, Sonoma and other California wine growing regions to search out the best chefs and restaurants that have this same philosophy. They love to eat their way through their offerings to learn about new ingredients, preparations and techniques that they can bring back and share to us locally.

Sip & Savor’s wine is maintained in the same manner as the restaurant aspect of their business. They travel often and visit wineries to seek out new wines. They believe visiting wineries can tell you so much more about the history, location and practices that make truly great wines, and the experience helps to create a memory of the wines and the people. Wines like Amizeta, Varozza, Darioush and Medlock Ames are all wines were discovered on a trip to Napa and Sonoma that have ended up on their wine list. The Sip & Savor philosophy is to work with smaller family wineries, and to ensure that the farming and winery practices have the least impact on the land they steward.

Sip & Savor has teamed up with Gurian CPA for their restaurant and winery payroll, accounting and tax needs. Gurian CPA is able to make sure that the restaurant and winery aspect of Sip and Savor runs smoothly so that they are able to make quick decision that ultimately allow them to focus on their core business.


Client: Sip & Savor | Industry: Restaurant & Winery

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