The Original Chicken-N-Rice was founded as a fried chicken restaurant with an Asian twist on August of 1989. Their first location was opened at Northwest Highway and Webb Chapel Extension under the name Chicken N Rice. Although their concept is simple, offering steaming hot chicken wings and fingers at a low price with speedy service, their unique product and providing excellent customer service has allowed them to expand to seven different locations.

The Original CNR offers a unique food item, the popular Original Chicken Fingers. Their dipping sauces greatly compliment their products whether you prefer sauces ranging from sweet-n-sour to HOT. They take great pride in providing their customers with quality fresh and never frozen products. The chicken tenders are marinated in a unique blend of spices for 24 hours which results in a mouthful of flavor with every bite that you take. Each individual piece of chicken is then skillfully hand-dipped in their famous batter and cooked with perfect timing which results in a crispy, golden chicken finger that is sure to melt in your mouth. The Original Chicken-N-Rice has been using this process since they opened their doors in 1989 and they have no intention of changing.

The Original Chicken-N-Rice is one of the newest additions to the Gurian CPA Firm and has trusted our firm to handle their restaurant accounting for not one, but all seven of their locations. Our firm provides critical information to the Original CNR owners, Chris and Alisha Wong that allows them to successfully operate their seven businesses. With the help of Gurian CPA Firm as their trusted advisor, they’ll not only be able to maintain but expand their business.

Client: The Original Chicken-N-Rice | Industry: Restaurant

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