Peter Gurian

"We are committed to your success."

After serving in the US Air Force for 7 years working in Command & Control, Peter’s career path took a sharp turn and he decided to become a CPA.  On this path, he attended Florida State University and received his Master of Accounting degree. 

Afterwards, Peter worked for Arthur Andersen in the firm’s Tax Technology Division.  This spurred an interest in technology that ultimately led Peter to form a technology consulting firm specializing in Oracle ERP implementations.  In 2003, after the successful sale of his consulting firm to a publicly traded company, Peter formed Gurian & Co, PLLC which later became Gurian PLLC. 

Fast forward 17 years later and Gurian PLLC has become a leading CPA firm in the Dallas market.  Peter’s leadership and vision have created a full-service firm designed to provide clients an industry leading experience.  Peter’s unique perspective was honed through his years of military service, understanding of technology, and his passion for adventure.  

When Peter is out of the office, his interests are as varied as his career has been.  He has traveled extensively throughout the world and United States.  This has led to a passion for landscape photography which you will find on every wall inside the firm’s offices.  He also enjoys scuba diving, mountain trekking, skiing, and any other outdoor adventure!

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